Friday, 22 June 2012

Fins for sale

Rainbow Fin Co. - Wingnut Anchor 10.75"

Rainbow Fin Company's Wingnut Series Anchor Fin was designed for long nose rides and upright pivot style turns. The width and extra depth provide a solid hold on waves faces allowing for serious extended tip time.

Excellent condition.  £40 posted UK.

Rainbow Fin Co. - Wingnut Sweep 9.5"

Rainbow Fin's Wingnut Sweep longboard fin has a wide base with some flex in the tip. It has the ultimate holding power through turns and great noserides.

Excellent condition. £SOLD posted UK.

Rainbow Fin Co. - Wingnut Big Daddy 9.0"

The Wingnut Big Daddy fin gives that classic glide feeling on any size longboard. This fin really slows things down and provides a truly smooth ride similar to older, traditional boards.

Almost mint condition (not used). £SOLD posted UK.

Loose Fit own brand 8.0"

BM model.

Excellent condition. £SOLD.

Orange Phin - 10.0"

Bought in California 2010

Excellent condition. £SOLD

Joel Tudor - Papa Joe 9.5"

This fin was specially designed for loggin. Recommended for single fin use this is a great fin with its wide base, medium rake, and narrow tip.

Excellent condition. £SOLD posted UK.

True Ames - George Greenough 4A - 9.75" Black

A seed of the revolution, the 4-A has a narrow, flexible tip that enhances maneuverability and a flared base for increased stability and drive.

MINT condition with sleeve. £SOLD posted UK.

Skip Frye - 9.25"

Skip Frye Flex Captivated by the knee-based carves of Greenough, Skip Frye was among the first So-Cal heads to experiment with reduced fin areas and flex. Stiffer than the L-Flex and straighter than the Norm, the Skip Frye is a judicious flex fin choice, offering hold and vigor to a variety of eggs and logs.

Almost MINT condition. £SOLD posted UK.

Standard fibreglass - 10.0"

Good condition. £SOLD posted UK.

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